Senior Management Team

Tracey Black - Chief Executive

Michelle Clelland - Head of Business and Finance

Elaine McKenna - Head of Early Years Services

Grace Lamont - Head of Play Services


Business and Finance Team

Catherine Miller - Senior Finance Office

Jamielee McDonagh Administrative Assistant

Eilidh Gibson - Service User Assistant

Early Years Service

Hazel Whitters - Senior Early Years Dev Worker

Linda Ponsonby - Senior Early Years Dev Worker

Sharon Rae - Senior Early Years Dev Worker

Natalie Newlands - Lead Practitioner 

Heather Duncan -  Acting Senior Early Years Dev Worker.

Sarah Downie - Senior Early Years Dev Worker

Michelle Fitzpatrick - Outdoors Early Years Dev. Worker

Carlie Curtis - Outdoors Early Years Dev. Worker

Amy Taylor - Early Years Dev. Worker

Claire Reid - Early Years Dev. Worker

Amanda Ballantyne - Early Years Dev. Worker

 Margaret Syme - Early Years Dev. Worker

Stacey Bryce- Early Years Dev. Worker

Sessional Early Years Development Workers

Joseph Cawley

Louise Williamson

Yvonne Cullen

Luke Pillans

Kayci Lumsden

Donna Beattie

Play Services

 Donna Welsh - Senior Play Dev. Worker

Kate Fleming - Senior Play Dev. Worker

Claire Higton - Play Dev Worker

Christine Henderson - Play Dev. Worker

Colleen Cassidy - Play Dev. Worker

Donna Beattie - Cleaner

Leighann Ingram - Cleaner

Sessional Play Development Workers 

Michael Chadburn

Yvonne Cullen

Ian Glover

Jack Henderson

Ross Lamont
Kirsty Mackay

Stevie Paterson

Macy Queen
Donna Thomas

Cailtin McCrann

Kendal Anderson

Megan Murphy

Skye Sinclair

Emma Thomas


Annie Donald - Cafe Senior

Karen Bullock - Cafe Assistant

Penny Anglim - Cafe Assistant