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Senior Management Team

Elaine McKenna - Chief Executive

Michelle Clelland - Head of Business and Finance

Sarah Downie - Head of Early Years Services (maternity leave)

Sharon Rae - Head of Early Years Service (temporary)

Donna Welsh - Head of Play Services


Business and Finance Service

Nicole McIntyre - B&FS Office Manager

Early Years Service

Hazel Whitters - Senior Early Years Dev Worker

Heather Duncan - Senior Outdoors Early Years Dev. Worker 

Donna Beattie - Outdoors Early Years Dev. Worker

Thomas Pillans - Outdoors Early Years Dev. Worker

Claire Reid - Early Years Dev. Worker

Amanda Ballantyne - Early Years Dev. Worker

 Margaret Syme - Early Years Dev. Worker

Stacey Bryce - Early Years Dev. Worker

Nicole Robertson - Early Years Dev. Worker

Luke Pillans - Early Years Dev. Worker

Play Services

 Kate Fleming - Senior Play Dev. Worker

Colleen Cassidy - Senior Play Dev. Worker/Play Dev. Worker

Claire Higton - Play Dev Worker

Donna Thomas - Play Dev. Worker

Ross Lamont - Play Dev. Worker

Liam Winning - Bus Driver

Liam Carmichael - Cleaning personnel


Kirsty Hood - Cafe Senior

Amanda Kelly - Cafe Assistant

 Leighanne Lyons - Cafe Assistant

Sessional Play Development Workers 

Susan Cuthbert

Toni Tiffoney

Donna Burns

Yvonne Cullen

Ian Glover

Ross Lamont

Stevie Paterson

Cailtin McCrann

Kendal Anderson

Skye Sinclair

Emma Thomas

Kayci Lumsden

Hannah Palmer

Roisin Walker

Katie Howie

Linda Ponsonby

Luca Livingston

Hayley Martin

Gary Manson

Lexi Welsh

Olivia Cullen

Sandra Miller

Kaycie Dunbar

Lynsey Craig

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