Senior Management Team

Tracey Black - Chief Executive

Michelle Clelland - Head of Business and Finance

Elaine McKenna - Head of Early Years Services

Grace Lamont - Head of Play Services


Business and Finance Team

Jamielee McDonagh Administrative Assistant

Early Years Service

Hazel Whitters - Senior Early Years Dev Worker, Linda Ponsonby - Senior Early Years Dev Worker

Sharon Rae - Senior Early Years Dev Worker, Natalie Newlands - Senior Early Years Dev Worker

Claire Jamieson - Senior Early Years Dev Worker.

Heather Duncan - Early Years Dev. Worker, Sarah Downie - Early Years Dev. Worker

Michelle Fitzpatrick - Early Years Dev. Worker, Amy Taylor - Early Years Dev. Worker

Claire O'Donnell - Early Years Dev. Worker, Amanda Ballantyne - Early Years Dev. Worker

Megan Duffy - Early Years Dev. Worker, Margaret Syme - Early Years Dev. Worker

Kelsey Benson - Early Years Dev. Worker

Sessional Early Years Development Workers

Carli Curtis, Joseph Cawley

Stacey Bryce, Stephanie Campbell

Nicole Robertson, Monica McCabe

Play Services

 Donna Welsh - Senior Play Dev. Worker

Kate Fleming - Senior Play Dev. Worker, Claire Higton - Play Dev Worker

Christine Henderson - Play Dev. Worker

Sessional Play Development Workers 

Bailey Anderson , Colleen Cassidy,
Michael Chadburn , Yvonne Cullen, Carly
Devine, Tracy Dunn, Ian Glover, Jack
Henderson, Ross Lamont, Chloe Logan,
Robert MacGregor, Kirsty Mackay, Stevie
Paterson, Thomas Pillans , Macy Queen,
Donna Thomas, Alex Thomson, Patrick


About Us

The Jeely Piece Club is a charity with it's roots in Castlemilk in Glasgow's south side.  We believe in providing play and learning opportunities for children from 0 to 12 years regardless of status or circumstance.

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