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About Us

The Jeely Piece Club is a charity with it's roots in Castlemilk in Glasgow's south side.  We believe in providing play and learning opportunities for children from 0 to 12 years regardless of status or circumstance. 

We do this from our two dedicated bases within the Castlemilk community - the Jeely Early Years Centre and the Jeely Playzone Centre - and further afield via our Jeely Stay & Play and Jeely Pop-up Play sessions which take place in partner sties, outdoor spaces, woodlands and Primary Schools.

Our mission is to increase life chances and opportunities for children, adults and the wider community.  We encourage children, adults, families and groups to value themselves as being part of society and having something to offer in return.  

Our vision is one where children and adults have improved self confidence and self-esteem and able to make positive changes in their lives - both now and in the future.


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